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  • 2013 September 28 - Raum Terrassenweg Bern - new 60 minutes set (V1.5) (link) - pictures
  • 2013 August 24 - Fornax Void Live at Les Digitales in Lucerne - new 30 minutes set (V1.0) ( - pictures


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    Fornax Void is an electronic music project started in 2012 by the musician and experimental filmmaker David Elsener as soundtrack, ambient music and chiptune platform.

    In summer 2013 the musician and documentary filmmaker Alexander Wigger joined the project to create a live-set for the Les Digitales Festival. The two protagonists already had a band back in 2000 - 2003 known as the SpaceGuardFingers and later released music under their own names.

    The music of Fornax Void is inspired by the early ambient works of Brian Eno, Glenn Branca, 80s Sci-Fi Movies, Cold War Documentaries and more recent influences like Mark Morgan, C418, Boards Of Canada or Jon Hallur and is created with old and new synthesizers, tape decks and acoustic instruments. Live the sound is created from a mix of pre-recorded and life elements like Drumpads and Guitar (depending on logistic possibilities) and supported by visuals made of Dave's and Alex' personal video archives.

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