Fornax Void is an electronic music and video art project started in 2012 by the musician and experimental filmmaker David Elsener as platform for his personal work and interests.

The audio-visual world of Fornax Void is heavily inspired by the aesthetics of aged technology and analogue media combined with the achievements of the digital age. Re-occurring topics are (but not limited to) the digital revolution, vintage video technology, the cold war era, space exploration, astronomy, ancient cultures, mysticism and retro computing.

In summer 2013 the musician and documentary filmmaker Alexander Wigger joined the project to create a live-set for the Les Digitales Festival.

This website has the purpose to be a main hub and hyperlink collection for anything related to Fornax Void.


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Music Releases:

Memory Machine was first published by David Elsener in 2009 and re-released as Fornax Void Album in 2013. Being planned as soundtrack for a conceptual essayistic movie, the goal of the album was to acoustically recreate the strong nostalgic feelings David has referred to old computer hard- and software. The Album will be remastered until February 2015. The actual release will go offline after that. Owners of the old masters will own a rare item after that point in time and also get a digital download for the remastered version. More information about this will be released on our social media sites.

Live @ Les Digitales 2013: In 2013 Alexander Wigger joined the Fornax Void Project to create a live-set for the les digitales festival. The set that Fornax Void played at this event was of thirty minutes duration. Later the set was expanded to 60 minutes, more live elements were added and its was performed in the Raum Terrassenweg in Bern. The 30 minutes version of that set was available on the soundcloud account of Korsett Kolektiv until January 2015.

Video Releases:

Wintermute - Official Video: The track Wintermute was made for the 2014 edition of Weekly Beats. A small amount of tracks were released on Weekly Beats that year. To find out more about the creation of the track click here. You will get more information about the creation of the video in the description on vimeo.

VHS Nostalgia - Official Video: One fine day during film school David realized his old VHS tapes were eating up too much space in his apartment. So he started to browse through all of that old tapes, mostly filled with old movies and TV shows. He kept the best and most interesting of those old tapes and during this process, digitized a lot of the footage he found in this cable-TV-childhood-memory-treasure-chest. During that time he also started to work with the mssiah cartridge by 8bitventures. A piece of hardware / software that made it relatively easy to control his Commodore 64 computers SID chip with MIDI. He then decided to create a music video out of the VHS stock he digitized, to one of the tracks he made with the Commodore 64. The video you see here, is the final result of this spare-time video / audio project.

Former Events:

  • 2013 September 28 - Raum Terrassenweg Bern - new 60 minutes set (V1.5) (link) - pictures
  • 2013 August 24 - Fornax Void Live at Les Digitales in Lucerne - new 30 minutes set (V1.0) ( - pictures

  • Upcoming Events:

    Probably not before 2015.
    Detailed specifications will be introduced on this site and on our social media sites.

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