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Cyberspace Database Project Documentation
Document created: 2020-MAY-28
Last document update: 2020-Sep-07, 00:46

Table of contents:
  • Music Production Notes
  • Full Hardware and Software List
  • Cover Evolution


    #Track NameProduction StartRelease DateProduction Notes
    01Corporate Intranet Menu Music 2019-MAY-06 2020-FEB-02 Composed in Renoise using, Korg Legacy Plugins (M1, WaveStation, Mono/Poly). Later added a JV-1080 part and a few TX802 and Morpheus perucssion elements in Cubase.
    02Borlando Loom 2018-APR-12 2018-APR-14 Exclusively JV-2080.
    03Rāmen Multinode 2018-JUN-09 2018-JUN-10 Exclusively JV-2080.
    04Offshore Network Vertex 2017-MAR-06 2018-DEC-22 JV-2080, M1R, C64 SID, Oberheim Xpander, Poly800 MK2, Akai S1000, Yamaha PSS-480, Volca Beats, MiniBrute, TR-505, D-05, TG33, Reface DX, Reface CS, CZ-5000, WaveStation A/D, U-110.
    05Cyberspace Database 2018-APR-12 2018-OCT-22 Mainly Roland JV-2080. Main Pad recorded and pitch-bent with Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII, additional layers recorded directzly to Cuabse.
    0622050 2018-APR-23 2018-OCT-19 Made in MilkyTracker with samples recorded from the Roland JV-2080.
    07Cyborg Samurai Miyamoto 宮本2019-JAN-282019-FEB-11WaveStation A/D, Korg M1R, Roland JV-2080, Casio CZ-5000, Oberheim Xpander.
    08Yoshimura's Journey 吉村2019-OCT-102020-FEB-02Roland JV-1080 and JV-2080 with World and Asia cards.
    09Soyokaze Sutēshon 199X 2018-SEP-30 2019-JAN-02 WaveStation A/D
    10A Cubicle Tale 2016-SEP-XX 2020-FEB-02 FLStudio Korg Legacy M1, WaveStation, Mono/Poly.
    11Automated Foundry 2017-MAY-07 2018-MAR-09 JV-2080 samples in MilkyTracker.
    12Nankyoku Data Hive 2019-OCT-16 2020-FEB-02 One JV-1080 PAD sample in one repeating MilkyTracker pattern.
    13SysAdmin Coffee Break Saga 2017-JUL-28 2020-FEB-02 Akai S1000, Casio CZ5000, Korg M1R, Yamaha TG33, DX21, Oberheim Xpander, Roland TB03.
    14Void Gate Access Software 2018-JAN-18 2019-JAN-07 JV-2080, D-05, TR505 Akai S1000, S3000XL, Oberheim Xpander, Korg M1R, WaveStation A/D, Poly 800 MK2, Casio CZ-5000, Yamaha PSS-480, TG33, PSR-47, PSR-60, Reface CS, DX21, FB-01, Arturia Minibrute, Waldorf Rocket, REA YM3812 (OPL2), C64 with Mssiah, Wayfar MidiNES, Eventide Space.
    15Void Gate Panorama Station 2018-JAN-04 2019-JAN-07
    16PCM Sound Module U-110 2018-JUN-19 2018-JUN-20 Made with the Fornax Void Roland U-110 Sample Pack.
    17PSR-60 2018-OKT-29 2018-NOV-02 Created with the Fornax Void Yamaha PSR-60 Sample Pack.
    18Oberheim Taxi / Shanghai Xpander2015-AUG-11 2018-APR-20 3 layers of Oberheim Xpander, recorded to VHS tape.
    19Topographic Multiplexer 2018-FEB-07 2018-FEB-10 YM3812 / OPL2 midi module by Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC.
    20Remembering Johnny Castaway 2016-JUN-09 2020-FEB-02 Yamaha PSS-480
    21Wintermute 2014-JUN-29 2014-JUN-29 Yamaha DX21, Yamaha FB-01,Vestax Vesta Fire MR-10b. Released on Weekly Beats 2014.
    22Cyberspace Druids 2016-JUN-07 2020-FEB-02 Yamaha PSS-480
    23Druids of Lakeview Data Center / Ballad for J&L&N2018-AUG-202018-AUG-27Recorded on a 1920s Burger & Jacobi upright Piano.
    24MCMXXV 2018-AUG-21 2018-AUG-22 Made with the free Fornax Void 1920s Burger & Jacobi upright Piano Sample Pack.
    25Defragmentation Process 2017-JAN-16 2017-JAN-25 Original Title track of the early access version of the Album. Yamaha PSR-47, PSR-60, Eventide Space, Tascam PortaStudio 414 mk2.
    26Dreams of the Void 2016-Q4 2017-JAN-25 Korg Legacy M1 and WaveStation Plugins in FLStudio.
    27Ancient Data Tapes 2015-JUL-11 2018-JUL-30 Oberheim Xpander, Tascam Portastudio 414 mk2./td>
    28Super Aliasing 2017-DEC-XX 2017-DEC-16 Roland D-05, Tascam Portastudio 414 mk2.
    29Precisa Desktop Calculator 2016-JUL-26 2020-FEB-02 Acoustic percussion samples.
    30Proterozoic Ocean 2015-DEC-15 2015-DEC-15 Oberheim Xpander, E-MU Morpheus (some layers re-recorded in 2019).
    31Life Simulator 2014-OCT-12 2017-JAN-25 Yamaha DX21, FB-01, Tascam Portastudio 414 mk2.
    32Traversing the Nodes 2016-Q4 2017-JAN-25 Korg Legacy M1 and WaveStation Plugins in FLStudio.
    33Sempiternal Night Shift 2016-Q4 2017-JAN-25 Korg Legacy M1 and WaveStation Plugins in FLStudio.
    34Hexadecimal Love Letters 2016-JUL-30 2018-MAR-24 Xpander + C64 + Minibrute + DX21 + Rocket + Poly 800 II + Reface CS + FB-01 + TR-505.
    35Personal System/2 2016-APR-05 2016-APR-05 Casio CZ5000, Yamaha DX21.
    36Service on Hold 2016-DEZ-04 2017-JAN-25 Mixtikl + Tascam Portastudio 414 mk2.
    37Leaving the Lab ca. 2010/11 ? Symphonically layered samples.
    38Sector Restoration History 2015-AUG-08 2020-FEB-02 Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII, Oberheim Xpander.
    39Server Room Love Letters 2017-JUL-03 2017-JUL-05 Recorded live, from the Oberheim Xpander directly to tape, using a 6-voice multi patch playing 1 two-voice-unison and 4 monophonic instruments. Tape Deck: Onkyo TA-RW255.
    40Affinity 2016-JUL-15 2016-JUL-17 Oberheim Xpander recorded on Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII.
    41Infinity 2016-JUL-17 2016-JUL-20 Oberheim Xpander recorded on Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII.
    42Silts Mājas 2016-JUL-14 2016-JUL-14 Oberheim Xpander recorded on Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII.
    43Little VHS Sketch 2016-JUN-15 2016-JUN-15 Casio CZ-5000 recorded on Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII mastered to Panasonic mixed to Panasonic AG-5260 VHS deck.
    44Voidnet Online Service Provider 2016-JUL-XX 2016-JUL-29 Live ambient performance with Xpander, Poly 800 mk2, DX21, Minibrute, Rocket, C64 with Mssiah.
    45Illustrated History of Nature 2016-JUL-02 2016-JUL-02 Waldorf Rocket + Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII.
    46Screensaver Library 2017-JAN-14 2017-JAN-14 Yamaha PSR-47 + Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII.
    47Kunshu Corporation Surveillance Center2015-OKT-08 2020-FEB-02 Oberheim Xpander, Poly 800 MK2.
    48Void Wizards Saga: Chapter 1 2018-JUL-21 2020-FEB-02 Made with the Fornax Void Minibrute Sample pack.
    49Void Wizards Saga: Chapter 2 2018-JUL-09
    50Void Wizards Saga: Chapter 3 2018-JUL-10
    51Void Wizards Saga: Chapter 4 2018-JUL-13
    52Dreams of the Void (Tape Version)2016-DEC-22 2017-JAN-25 Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII modified versions of original tracks.
    53Traversing the Nodes (Tape Version) 2016-DEC-22
    54Sempiternal Night Shift (Tape Version) 2016-DEC-22
    55The Lost Archives 2019-DEC-XX 2020-FEB-02 Roland JV-1080

    * Release dates other than 2020-FEB-02 refer to early-access releases.
    * All tracks were revised during the final mixing and mastering of process of Cyberspace Database, which took place between February 2019 and January 2020.


    Hardware Synthesizers:
    Roland JV-2080, JV-1080, D-05, TB-03 and TR-505, Akai S1000 and S3000XL, Oberheim Xpander, Korg M1R, WaveStation A/D, Volca Beats, Poly 800 MK2 and Monotron Delay, Casio CZ-5000, Yamaha PSS-480, PSR-47, PSR-60, Reface DX, Reface CS, DX21, FB-01, TG33, TX802, Arturia Minibrute, Waldorf Rocket, REA YM3812 (OPL2), Commodore 64 (Mssiah), Wayfar MidiNES, E-MU Morpheus.

    Cards for JV-2080/1080:
    SR-JV80-04 "Vintage Synth"
    SR-JV80-05 "World" (x2)
    SR-JV80-08 "60s & 70s"
    SR-JV80-10 "Bass & Drums"
    SR-JV80-14 "Asia"
    SR-JV80-15 "Special FX Collection"

    Software Synthesizers:
    Korg Collection M1, WaveStation, MonoPoly, SQ8L, Image-Line Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, Autogun, PoiZone V2, Intermorphic Mixtikl 7

    Other Instruments:
    1920s Burger & Jacobi upright Piano, Xun (flute), HP DeskJet 500C, Brother AX240, others

    Hardware Equalizers:
    Warm Audio EQP-WA, Joe Meek Three Q, Klark Teknik DN27, dbx 215

    Hardware Compressors:
    FMR Audio PBC-6A, Joe Meek Three Q, dbx 266XL

    Other Hardware Effects:
    Eventide Space, T.C. Electronic M-One, Boss Super Chorus CH-1, Roland RE-201 Space Echo,

    Audio Interfaces:
    Apogee Duet 2, Alesis iO4

    MIDI Interfaces and Controllers:
    Roland UM-ONE, M-Audio MIDISport UNO, MOTU Micro Lite, M-Audio Oxygen 25 3rd Gen, Akai LPK 25, Korg nanoKONTROL 2

    Mixer / DI:
    Soundcraft EFX8, Radial Pro DI

    Tape Decks:
    Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII, Vestax MR-10B, Onkyo TA-RW244, Panasonic AG-5260, Panasonic RQ-L31

    Adam A7X, Logitech Z200, Technics SB-S70, Celestion 3, Sony STR-DE505

    Microphones and Preamps:
    Oktava MK-319, AKG C2000, Beyerdynamic MM1, Shure SM57, Terratec MIC8
    DAW Computers:
    MacBook Pro (Mid 2009), MacPro 5,1 Twelve-Core (Mid 2012) with UAD 2 Octo PCIe card, Windows 7 PC

    Sequencer Software:
    Cubase LE6, Cubase 10 Pro, FL Studio 9, MilkyTracker v0.90.86, Renoise V3.1, Adobe Audition CS6

    Processing Plugins:

    Universal Audio:
    Manley Massive Passive, Manley Variable Mu, API 550A, API 560, Ampex ATR-102, Lexicon 480L, SPL Vitalizer MK2-T, SPL TwinTube, SPL Transient Designer, Studio D Chorus, Pultec EQP-1A Pro Legacy, Pultec EQP-1A Legacy, Teletronix LA-2A Legacy, 1176LN Legacy, 1176SE Legacy, UAD 610-B

    Ozone 8 Advanced, RX 7 Standard

    Native Instruments Passive EQ, VC76, VC2A, VC160, Lexicon PCM Native, TAL Reverb 4, Smartelectronix Ambience

    Analyzer Plugins:
    Voxengo SPAN, iZotope Insight


    Cyberspace Database Cover Concept 2017-JAN-02
    Cover concept (2017-JAN-02) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Cover Concept 2017-JAN-02
    Cover concept (2017-JAN-02) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Early Access Cover 2017-JAN-11
    Early Access Cover (2017-JAN-11) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Release 1.0 Cover 2020-FEB-02
    Release 1.0 Cover (2020-FEB-02) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Physical Release
    Alternative Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Physical Release
    Alternative Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Physical Release
    Alternative Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Physical Release
    Alternative Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Alternative Print Cover 2020-MAR-04
    Box Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Physical Release
    Alternative Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Physical Release
    Alternative Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

    Cyberspace Database Physical Release
    Alternative Print Cover (2020-MAR-04) [HIGH-RES]

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